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Kung Fu Panda 4: The Tree People - 01
"Po!" I heard Master Shifu call my name, somewhere below me. "Po, where are you?"
I tried to move but remembered that I was bound with rope so I couldn't.
"I'm here!" I croaked.
"Shh!" I heard Sifu tell the five.
"I'm up here!" I croaked.
The darkness was unsettling.
"There!" I heard Tigress cry out.
"How did he get up there?" Shifu asked.
Then I remembered that I was in a tree.
I groaned in pain.
"Please." I croaked, crying. "Get me down from here!"
"Tigress, Crane, go!" Shifu said.
"Don't worry, Po." i heard crane say, something to my left. "We'll get you down."
"I heard the rope snap, then felt a falling sensation.
I then felt Tigress catch me.
"I gotcha, Po." Tigress said soothingly. "I gotcha."
"What's wrong with his arm?" Monkey asked.
I felt Shifu touch my left arm, then a sting of pain shot through my body.
I cried out in pain, then started to cry.
"His arm is broken." Shifu said.
I was still crying.
"Shh. Shh." Tigress tried soothing me.
"Let's get him back to the Ja
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KFP 3 - 01 - Love for Tigress
the barracks - noon
"Po..." Master shifu said. "Po... PO!"
I (Po) startled awake.
I looked over at Master Shifu.
"What's wrong, master?" I asked him.
"You tell me. You were asleep for most of the day." Shifu said. "Everyone is already out training."
"I guess I haven't  been sleeping well, master." I told him.
"What could possibally keep the dragon warrior awake?!" Shifu laughed.
I was a little embaresed to answer that, but thankfully I didn't have to. My stomache growled.
"Well, Before you eat, Panda, I need you to go fetch Master Tigress for me." Shifu said.
"Where is she?" I asked.
"Training with Monkey in the palace garden." Shifu answered.
palace gardens
When I got to the spot where, Monkey and Tigress were training, they wre sitting down.
That's when I heard the conversation.
"So uh... Tigress. Do you ... um, like Po?" Monkey asked.
I quickly hid behind
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KFP 3 - 02 - The Nightmare
the barracks - night
I (Po) got in bed and fell asleep instantly.
In my dream, I saw Tai Long.
"Tai Long?" I asked. "I thought I killed you already."
"I don't stay dead long!" He yelled.
He moved with amazing speed.
When he punched me I flew back into a wall.
"Okay." I said. "That hurt."
Then I heard Lord Shen.
Shen landed next to Tai Long.
"We are stronger than ever!" Shen yelled.
The two of them came at me at top speed, and, right before I got impaled by Shen's sword, I woke up.
I was panting and sweating.
Master Shifu was standing next to my bed.
"Po, can you please not disturb-"
Then he saw me looking afraid.
"What's wrong, Po?"
"Just a nightmare." I replied.
"About what?"
I sighed.
"Master, can the dead come back to life?" I asked.
"Unfortunately, yes. Why do you ask?" Shifu said.
"My nightmare was probably a vision of Shen and Tai Long . . . coming back to
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Here is a new yugioh anime that I made.
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